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Illuminations Reflections of Earth 2009

Another of the great fireworks shows, this one the EPCOT show. There is a alot of debate as to wether or not this show is as good as it used to be. That being said, I have yet to hear anyone leave the park saying anything about being disappointed.

Epcot – SpaceShip Earth – December 2002

SpaceShip Earth 2002 edition back when it was sponsored by AT&T

EPCOT – The park that was built for FastPass….

I still remember my first visit to EPCOT. It really was not that long ago back in 2000 during the millennium celebration. It was such an energizing time to visit the parks and in particular EPCOT. While many fans hated the Wand over Spaceship Earth, I kind of liked it when it had 2000 on it – not so much with Epcot’s name on it later though. During the millennium celebration it was really a world wide celebration and EPCOT was the perfect focal point for such a celebration. The “Tapestry of Nations” parade just enhanced this amazing celebration of nations working together and how small our world really is. It celebrated all the things that make us one. And then there was September 11th, 2001.