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Staying in a value hotel on Disney – Is it worth the money?

I am always asked why spend the money to stay in a Disney hotel when for significantly less money I could stay offsite in a nicer hotel with access to cheaper meals and other non-Disney stuff. The thing about this is I have stayed onsite and offsite and will discuss this in a later blog in detail. However for this blog I want to focus on the value category of hotels at Disney. Yes they are more expensive than the offsite hotels, but do give you access to the free Disney World Transportation system and early entry or late stays in the parks.  For the early entry and late stays, well Fred covered that a few weeks back so take a few minutes and read Fred’s blog on that.

All Star Music Resort Video Tour

Disney’s All Star Music Resort

image Located in the Animal Kingdom Resort area, this was Disney's second entry into the value resort category opening in 1995. The All Star Music Resort part of The All Star Resorts which includes Movies, Music and Sports and the overall complex boats 5,544 rooms, a massive complex. The All Star music resort has 1,704 rooms spread across 10 buildings with 5 different themes. Overall the theme of this resort is Music with buildings themed in pairs.. The themes are Calypso, Jazz, Broadway, Rock, and Country.