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Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster – Rockin my World (And my Stomach)

Another blog featuring both Fred’s and Sean’s view of a Walt Disney World Attraction – Enjoy! Fred’s view Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster – Rockin my World (And my Stomach) First off, a couple of notes. I’m a big guy, 260 lbs, mainly because my stomach can handle any type of food I eat, and I love to eat. That being said, I recently went a whole day of my last Disney vacation where the only thing I could keep down was water. What, you may ask, does a review of a ride have to do with my gastro problems? Let me explain.

Tower of Terror – For Sean this is Terror for Fred this is Thrill

In this blog Fred and Sean are taking on Tower of Terror and giving you two very different perspectives of this iconic Disney Hollywood Studios ride. Sean’s perspective.  A few years back I was at a management retreat and took a course on memory. I had always wondered why I have such a vivid memory of certain events (and I mean very minute detailed memory) yet for other things I have little to no memory. At that course they explained that for odd, weird, scary or traumatic events we tend to be able to remember those things better. They even took all the past Prime Ministers of Canada and demonstrated how we could easy remember each one by thinking of something odd or funny about their names. I was sceptical, but in the end I have to admit it worked.

Beauty and the Beast 2009 – Disney’s Hollywood Studios

After Tarzan Rocks came the stage version of Beauty and the Beast. Take a look