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Peter Pan’s Flight 2009

This time its the dark ride, Peter Pan, that is featured, sort of. Due to the nature of the ride its a particulary hard capture, and this one isn't that great, despite the night time capture used. Enjoy the video of a ride I continually wonder why it hasn't been replaced yet......

Why The Huge Line Up?

OK, picture this… It’s an incredibly hot and humid day in Mid July Florida – well over 100 degrees with the heat index. The sun is out and it’s a beautiful day at the Magic Kingdom. You’re in Fantasy Land, behind the castle heading towards the classic It’s a Small World (more on this ride in a week or so). All of a sudden you notice what seems to be huge queue for Peter Pan – outside – in the heat – no air conditioning. As you haven’t been on the ride since your parents took you to WDW when you were 12 (when it was ONLY Magic Kingdom!), you decide to get in line and see the attraction with your children. Hmmmm, the sign says only 20 minutes, good to go.

Magic Kingdom – Fantasyland – Peter Pans Flight