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The Jungle Cruise, Fred doesn’t get it, while Sean enjoys this timeless classic

Fred’s view of the jungle… The Jungle Cruise, the animatronics, the witty host, that danger of river boat travel in the jungle.......... this was the idea behind this iconic ride. A ride that has had its day. Want animatronics, visit the Hall of Presidents.....Want a thrilling water ride, hmmmmm Splash Mountain. Want animals, how about dumping the plastic ones for a whole park full of REAL animals! In my last visits it appears people have been doing just what I suggested above, and avoiding this ride like the plague carrying mosquitos that live in the real jungle (I wonder if Disney has plastic mosquitos?????)

Swiss Family Treehouse – May 2002

Take a tour of The Swiss Family Treehouse. Filmed on May 14, 2002.

Magic Kingdom – Pirates of the Caribbean – May 2002

Filmed May 2002, this is The Original Pirates of The Caribbean before the makeover with the movie elements. I also enjoyed this attraction and like both versions, do you?