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For Fred, The Mad Tea Party ends in the Washroom, for Sean it is Classic Nostalgia

First we will start with Fred’s love for the Madd Hatter's Teacups… Now we come to my least favorite ride. ever. At least the Rockin’ Rollercoaster was mercifully enough only to ruin a good nights sleep (and cancel a boat ride) the middle of the morning adventure that is the Madd Hatter's Teacup's took pretty much a whole day from me. I should have sent someone the bill for the Gravol (and we're not talking low dose here). The idea of being on a spinning vehicle that is seemingly randomly spinning around a center in a somewhat elliptical orbit does not seem like a great basis for a ride. Solar system, yes, thrill ride, not so much.....Except if you are my daughters.... then its a great idea.