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Highlands Reserve Private Rentals
Rentals villas in the Highlands Reserve Golf Resort and Regal Palms resort in the Davenport area of Orlando.  The perfect base for a trip to WDW. – a site like no other

A few years back I stumbled upon the website At first glance I had no idea what it was about. I had been searching for some good Disney fan based websites and somehow found this site. After spending some time clicking through the links and reading all of the articles that were there I was so glad I had found the site. is really a site like no other. It is run by Werner Weiss, who I do not know personally, but after being a loyal visitor to the site and reading every single article he has written on his site, I feel like I have known him for many years. Werner puts so much personality into each article that you feel like he is talking to you personally. I enjoy that style of writing and it is a refreshing Disney fan site to visit.

For the past 15 years this has been one of the most popular Disney fan message boards. A great resource to discuss everything with other Disney fans from everything about resorts, to restuarants to the theme parks.